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ARRI ALEXA M camera rental at Hollywood CameraThe ARRI ALEXA M is a flexible solution consisting of a separate camera head and body; it is tailored for action and aerial photography, tight corner shots and 3D productions. Based on cutting edge ARRI technologies, the M model features the same sensor, image processing, build quality, efficient workflows and exceptional image quality that have made ALEXA such a worldwide success.

The head and body of the M are connected with a fiber optic cable, which in a hybrid form can also be used for powering the head. Weighing well under 3 kg, the compact front end offers multiple mounting points and versatile maneuverability. Meanwhile the bodyprovides various options for recording images, sound and metadata, accommodating as many different workflows as the standard ALEXA.

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1- Arri Alexa Plus Camera Body
1- Alexa Carry Handle1- Alexa Handle Extension
1- PL Port Cap1- Antenna
1- Anton Bauer Battery Plate1- Alexa EVF

1- EVF Top Support Bracket

1- EVF Short Rod

1- EVF Long Rod

1- 19mm Balance Plate

1- Arri Cine Bridge Plate Sled Plate

1- 19mm Bracket

1- Arri Cine Base Plate

1- Dovetail

1- Arri Bridge Plate Adapter

1- Arri Leveling Block

1- Arri WA-1 Plate

1- Shoulder Pad

1- Noga Arm

2- EVF Short Cables

2- EVF Medium Cables

2- Arri 4pin XLR to 2pin Lemo Coil Cables

1- Alexa Ethernet Cable

1- AC Power Supply with Cable

2- Swiss Tools PB207 3mm

2- Alexa 24V Power Cables

5- 32GB SxS cards w/boxes

1- Arri Lexar 2GB SD card w/box

1- Sony SxS USB Card Reader

1- Power Supply with AC Cable

1- USB Cable

1- B

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